Jonkel Carbons is part of the Jonkel companies. It was founded in May 2008 and registered in February 2009. Jonkel carbons is in the manufacturing business while the company is involved in various products, the main products are graphite and graphite

Jonkel Carbons started life in May 2008. The founder of the company Mr. Matimba Khoza, after an intensive research of the industry, opened offices at No. 5 Rissik Street, Haenertzburg, Limpopo, RSA on 01 May 2008 and call the name of the company Jonk

Since its discovery the applications of graphite has been increasing from generation to generation. Graphite is used in plastic industries, steel, sports, automotive, aviations, lubricants and the manufacture of self lubricating parts. Graphite is an

1.GRAPHITE PRODUCTS  We sell various grades of the following graphite material: Flake graphite  Flake graphite is silverish, dry and free flowing, of high purity natural crystalline form. - The carbon content of the material J
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