We sell various grades of the following graphite material:

Flake graphite

 Flake graphite is silverish, dry and free flowing, of high purity natural crystalline form. - The carbon content of the material Jonkel is handling start from a minimum of 85%. - Particles size is as per customer requirement, Jonkel handle a common grade of 325 mesh.


A. 325ml

B. 25kg

C. 1 ton

 Armophous graphite

Armophous graphite is akin to anthracite coal. - It is usually referred to as microcrystalline graphite because of its invisible crystals by naked eye. - It is commonly used in lubricants and paints.



B. 25kg

C. 1 ton

 Vein graphite

 Vein graphite is easily recognised by its light metallic sheen and needle like particles. At the moment it is produced in Srilanka alone. - It is characterised by its high carbon content.


A. 250g

B. 25kg

C. 1 ton

 Synthetic graphite

 This is artificial graphite characterised by high carbon content because of the way it was produced. - It is usually used in specialised applications like electrods li-ion batteries and other products. - It poses excellent properties in respect of heat and electrical conductivity.


A. 250g

B. 25kg

C. 1 ton



 Graphite lock lubricant

 It keeps locks, hinges and bolts lubricated and working smoothly.  It guards against sticking and dirt build up . It prevents lock outs, wear and corrosion . It is greaseless, odourless and weather proof.  It is packaged in easy to use puffer dispencers  of superfine natural graphite powder. 


A. 50ml

B. 100ml

 Metal polish

 Jonkel fire polish

 This is a traditional stove/fire place polish. It is also used to polish any cast iron material.


A. 250ml

B. 10lt bucket


Jonkel tin roof paint

Jonkel tin roof paint is used to paint corrugated roofs and gutters.When it is applied as per instructions,we give it a 10 year guarantee.

It is commonly used in countries with harsh climatic conditions,like Finland,etc.

Jonkel foundry coat

 It is used to treat foundry facings.Specially selected armorphous graphite is used as a base.

Jonkel traditional wall paints

Jonkel has a variety of wall paints using various industrial minerals including graphite as a base.

Contact us for availale colours.


 A. 10lt

 B. 20lt


Other products on sale:


B. Floor Polish

C. Silica

D. Kaolin

E. Coal and other industrial materials.

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