Jonkel Carbons started life in May 2008. The founder of the company Mr. Matimba Khoza, after an intensive research of the industry, opened offices at No. 5 Rissik Street, Haenertzburg, Limpopo, RSA on 01 May 2008 and call the name of the company Jonkel Carbons. Since its launch, the company continued to grow steadily but sure on its first five years of existence. The graphite industry held its first dedicated industry conference on 6-7 December 2011 in London UK, and Mr. Khoza was honored to be one of the key speakers representative the African region. Manufacture graphite and other industrial minerals products starting from basic products and grow by increasing products line to meet demand. In its fifth year anniversary, the company owned two properties in Limpopo and Mpumalanga province.

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