Jonkel Carbons is part of the Jonkel companies. It was founded in May 2008 and registered in February 2009. Jonkel carbons is in the manufacturing business while the company is involved in various products, the main products are graphite and graphite based products. It was after the discovery of the opportunities that goes with graphite that the company was founded. The name “Jonkel” comes from the first name of Mr. Jonkel Khoza, the father of the founder of the company Mr. Matimba Khoza. Mr. Jonkel Khoza himself works for RIO TINTO’s Palaborwa mining company in his productive years. Jonkel Carbons source Graphite from projects in which Jonkelkoza minerals SA share holder. Simply put, jonkelKoza mineral mine and Jonkel Carbons process and manufacture END products. As of December 2012, the natural graphite market was estimated at 1 to 1.2 million tons per annum. This consist of the three tyres represented, flake, armophons and vein. Traditional applications use manly armophon and vein. Newly ermeging technologies and applications usually require flake graphite. At the moment , the majority of graphite processed is still fine grain or armophons. China, India, Canada and South America are responsible for most production. Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa always existed as small players. The three countries of Southern Africa could be the largest deposit in the world Nith balamba deposit in Mozambique carrying over a billion tons of graphite alone.

Jonkel Carbons started life in May 2008. The founder of the company Mr. Matimba Khoza, after an intensive research of the industry, opened offices at No. 5 Rissik Street, Haenertzburg, Limpopo, RSA on 01 May 2008 and call the name of the company Jonkel Carbons. Since its launch, the company continued to grow steadily but sure on its first five years of existence. The graphite industry held its first dedicated industry conference on 6-7 December 2011 in London UK, and Mr. Khoza was honored to be one of the key speakers representative the African region. Manufacture graphite and other industrial minerals products starting from basic products and grow by increasing products line to meet demand. In its fifth year anniversary, the company owned two properties in Limpopo and Mpumalanga province. The company

Since its discovery the applications of graphite has been increasing from generation to generation. Graphite is used in plastic industries, steel, sports, automotive, aviations, lubricants and the manufacture of self lubricating parts. Graphite is an excellent conductor of the heat and electricity is corrosion and heat resistant. Graphene is strong, flexible and light currently, the automotive and steel industries are the largest consumers of graphite and demand continue to rise every year. The steel industry uses graphite as liners for ladles and crucibles, in the bricks which line blast furnaces and to increase the carbon content of steel. Graphite has already replaced asbestos in automotive brake lining and is used for gasket and clutch material. Sparky plugs are also made incorporating graphite. New high technology applications include, flexible graphite sheets, graphene, lithium-ion and vanadium batteries, fuel cells, semi conductors, nuclear, wind and solar power. These applications require more and more graphene seems to be a wonder material and there are thousands of institutions around the world researching it.
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